On Bible Reading

My daughter tells me that Genesis is the most read book of the Bible and that it gets read every January.  I’m not likely to disagree with her.  She’s the queen of obscure facts and random….things.

In an effort to get away from being a “Good Girl” (see post here), I’m putting away my Bible reading plans.  A good friend of my husband and I, Jeremy Kingsley, says, “We don’t read the Bible to finish, we read the Bible to change.”  I have this written in the front of my Bible.  I forget it every January, or June or September.  Whenever I feel I “should” start a Bible reading plan.

So, I’ve started reading smack dab in the middle of my Bible – the book of Isaiah.  Yes, I said Isaiah.  I’m taking it slow, trying to glean something from it each day.  If I need to spend a few days on a chapter or even a few verses, I do.  I’m trying to slow down and breathe it in.  It’s supposed to be our very breath, right?  At least that’s what a popular worship song we’ve all sung says that it is.

The older I get the more I realize that Christianity isn’t at all what I thought it was.  Jesus is not at all who I’ve thought he is.  What he feels towards me is not at all what I’ve imagined him to think or feel about me.  I am a beggar at the door of His grace.  I am a ragamuffin.  I’m embracing that term coined so many years ago by Brennan Manning and made famous by Rich Mullins and his ragamuffin band.

What I want to know, really know, is that He loves me.  That’s it.  He loves me.  He loves me.  He loves me.

I hope you know it too.

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