Bookshelf – What Alice Forgot


“Am I the type of person who needs to make a point now” – Alice.

What kind of person will you be in ten years?  How will life change you?

Short synopsis:  Alice is at her weekly spin class (I had to look that up).  Alice falls, hits her head and is unconscious for about 10 minutes.  Alice wakes up ten years younger, pregnant for the first time and passionately in love with her husband.  She forgot she’s almost 40.  She forgot she has three children.  She forgot she’s getting divorced.

The novel begins with her waking up after her fall and goes through that next week or so as she tries to remember everything about her life.  How do you forget your children?  What do you do when you’ve forgotten them?  How do you forget your life?  Alice realizes she has become a very distasteful person.  She has become someone she does not recognize and she does not like this person who has taken up residence in her body.

I won’t give anything away because it is the type of book you want to be caught up in and float along with it.  It is told from three perspectives: in third person narration of Alice, from journal entries written by her sister to her sister’s shrink, and in letters written by her granny to Phil.  I thought the jumping around would annoy and confuse me, and it did for a while; then I realized that was the point!!  Alice was confused and the puzzles didn’t fall together easily or quickly for her, so why should they for me?

More than a fun story to read, it gives perspective on our own lives and how we live each day and how we allow our circumstances or the people in our lives to change us.  Sometimes this change is good and sometimes we become a person we never thought we would be.

I highly recommend this book despite the fact it is also recommended by Oprah.

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