Bookshelf – The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo

I know it’s a national best seller.

That’s why I picked it up at the library.  I was curious about it.

I didn’t finish it.  I got to about page 120.  It was sooo…….. slow.  I have nothing to offer.  If you’ve read it – congratulations!  If you didn’t and want to, be prepared to wait a long time before it gets interesting or becomes cohesive.  I didn’t even get that far.  I was so bored I fell asleep every time I tried to read it.  If you’re ambivalent, don’t bother.  Pick something else.  That’s the best advice I can give.

I suspect it became a best seller because he died shortly after submitting the three manuscripts.  After all, they were published posthumously so it must be really, really good, right?  Um….no.

Maybe there was something lost in the translation.  I think I’d rather read The Odyssey in the original language.

I forgot to add a picture.  I suppose I can’t be bothered.

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