Why WhiteNoise?

I started out in the blogging world with a blog entitled “Blogger Come Lately”.  It was a take on Johnny-Come-Lately because I didn’t come to blogging until after the boat had sailed.  It took me a while to catch up to this social media phenomenon.  I’d been reading blogs for some time but found that I would spend hours hopping from blog to blog and waste an entire day.  The blogosphere can be a huge black hole.

When I returned to blogging with a different focus and understood the black hole it is, I knew in all likelihood it would get lost among so many other blogs.  Blogs that help you save money.  Blogs that have giveaways (which I would like to do someday).  Blogs that teach you a Spiritual Truth.  Blogs that encourage you.  Blogs that chronicle life in spite of a disease.  Blogs that tell you how to fix a car.  Blogs that tell you how to make your own laundry soap.  Blogs that teach you how to cook.  Blogs that review new techno gadgets.  Blogs that show you gorgeous photography.  Blogs that….you get the idea.  You can Google anything and in the entries blogs will appear.  Blogs are everywhere.  So, Blogger Come Lately, while catchy, didn’t fit the reality of the blogging world.  Which meant choosing a different name.

I finally chose WhiteNoise because that’s what it is.  It’s just indistinguishable noise on the spectral scale of the blogosphere.

But I’m ever so grateful you read it sometimes.

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

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