Worn In vs. Worn Out

My kids are very different.  Aside from the fact they are over a decade apart in age and are different sexes, there are many others things that are night and day.  However, there is one idiosyncrasy I’ve noticed that they share.  They like things that are worn in.  My daughter prefers clothing, particularly jeans, from a second hand store.  My son prefers his shoes to be second hand.  In other words, worn in.

Once this thought came into my head I immediately thought about the difference between being worn in and worn out as moms.  So often we are just worn out.  Worn out with all those things that need to be done.  As a wife or mom, whether you bristle at it or welcome it, your home and taking care of your family is your calling.  It is a Divine thing.  Did you ever notice how God created the family first?  Not church or ministry or jobs or friends, but family.  Sure, he gave Adam some chores such as naming the creatures, but Adam was still alone.  To meet Adam’s needs, God gave him Eve – a family.

“Worn in” conjures up feelings of comfy pj’s and slippers, the favorite spot on the couch or your favorite jeans and boots.  Worn in means comfort.  Isn’t that what we want for our families – comfort.  Particularly during this time which gets a lot of lip service about remembering “the reason for the season”.  Choose events during December carefully.  Choose those things that are life giving, not life draining.  Choose those permanent things, not the urgent things.  Usually the things that are screaming the loudest are those things that you can and should ignore.

Ann Voskamp says “Life is not an emergency.”  Most of our daily lives are not urgent.  Dropping things from your calendar to give your family some white space during this season can help you to breathe and relax and breathe new life into your life and those of your family.

Can I encourage you this holiday season to allow yourself to be worn in and comfy?  To be the mom who says “no” to those extra holiday things (although good) just for the sake of not getting yourself worn out.

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