Good Stories

Tell all the Truth but tell it slant-
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth’s superb surprise

As Lightening to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind.
– Emily Dickinson

“Jesus must have spun stories because they’re sneakier than sermons. They infiltrate our senses and weave their way into our hearts before we see their deeper meaning coming. They tell us the truth, like poet Emily Dickinson said, but tell it slant, because the beautiful, weighty truth really is ‘too bright for our infirm delight.’ I’m convinced our Lord is still subversively telling stories. Have you heard a good one lately?”
– Leigh McLeroy from The Sacred Ordinary

Amen….Amen….and Amen.

I believe firmly that Jesus tells us His best and most profound truths, not in ‘Christian fiction’, but through the stories which do not bear the Christian label. Those gritty, messy, and sometimes (gasp!) offensive ones.

One Word

I’ve been using the You Version Bible app lately.  Particularly, the devotional plans.  I’ve been choosing short plans, less than 5 days because I know my attention span.  I chose the One Word devotional last week.  It’s a four day “devotional”.  I put devotional in quotes because it’s less of that and more of a how-to about hearing God’s voice speak a word into your life to focus on throughout the new year – I know it’s February, but work with me.

They give three steps to discovering your One Word (my adaptation):

1)  Look in – during unplugged moments, ask God to give you clarity; examine your heart and prepare you for your one word.  Don’t allow fear to surround it.

2)  Look up – ask what God wants to do in and through you this year.  Don’t just pick a good word, but ask for a God word.

3) Look out – keep your one word front and center; find an accountability partner to hold you in check; keep it in focus.

From my journal:

My one word must be easily understandable or I may abandon it (again, I know myself – sort of).  I need (will be given) a word that can be woven into all areas of my life. 

So, words that have come to mind as I’ve meditated on and asked for a word:






Prestidigitation (just kidding)

There are so many areas lacking in me and I feel overwhelmed.  I want to take all of them and do a crash course – preferably online- to fix me all up neatly, quickly, and with a pretty bow slapped on top.  Of course, that’s not the point. sigh

I’m also currently thinking of how I might speed up the process of discovering the One Word.  Cast lots perhaps?  I know, however, that this is not the point either.  Maybe the discovery part of the process is meant to prepare my heart to live out that word in obedience and with tenacity.

OK, I’m still working on slowing down and allowing the discovery to take it’s time.  Maybe I’ll have an actual word at the end of the year.  Maybe the word isn’t even one I’ve thought of…or maybe it’s the first one.  Trust…

That one is HUGE for me.