My Staycation

Isn’t that all the rage right now?  Taking a Staycation?  I suppose you could say I took a “vacay” from blogging, just as I was getting people reading and commenting – oh, well.  Not very good in the marketing department.  I admit I “want” to be a blogger, but it does seem like the net is overloaded with them.  People blogging everywhere.  Some make it big and some don’t.  Some do it for a season, or to document a struggle or a death.  I just write because I want to become a better writer.

So….to that end, I’ve been reading a lot.  I mean A LOT.  I’m averaging about a book per week.  I don’t have a set schedule but I do have a random list.  I compiled most of it from MMD.  I’m a firm believer in reading good books, books that feed the soul and the mind.  Mind you, I have read some duds, but those books serve a purpose as well.  The purpose to show how NOT to write.  I also believe that one of the best ways to be a good writer is not just to take writing courses, although I keep toying with the idea of working through either Classical  Writing (I would start with the Older Beginner’s) or The Lost Tools of Writing from the Circe Institute, but to just keep reading.

Reading is the heart and soul of a writing and only by reading what is good, lovely and soul nourishing can we become better crafters of words ourselves.  So, reading has been my mini-vacay this summer.  In the midst of getting ready to send my oldest off to college and trying to plan, prepare and train for the upcoming homeschooling year, I have made the effort to just READ and I’ve loved my time between the pages.  Unfortunately, staying up until past midnight has become a habit that must be broken in less than a week.  Uh-oh.

So, tell me, what book do you suggest I put on that list?



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