In Which I Discuss Blogging

I haven’t blogged for a while.  I suppose I haven’t had much to say – yeah, right.

There are several reasons for this.  I won’t deny that I’ve just ignored it because it’s easier.  It’s hard to put out quality content on a regular basis.  That’s the case for me, at least.

For me, Blogs come and go.  I can only think of ONE that I still read on a quasi-regular basis since I started reading blogs.  A big reason is my season of life (whatever that means).  However, another reason has increasingly made itself clear.

Marketing and Advertisers have stuck their noses into blogs and where it used to take a limited amount of time to read a post and gain insight, the addition of so many ads makes it a long drawn out process.  Sites won’t load content until all the sidebar ads are loaded and by then I’ve wasted time and it’s not worth the read anymore – don’t even get me started on the ones who have imbedded (sometimes vidoe gif) ads which make the actual post look as if a blanket has been thrown over it so you MUST click the X when you can find it to get back to reading the content.  I’m not a blog purist I just don’t need an ad for Disney every two paragraphs.  I’ve been to Disney and it’s not all that (unless you like being jostled on all side by that older set of parents with completely out of control toddlers).  But I digress…

If your blog attracts the attention of the Big Dogs and they want to send you on vacations so you can blog about their stuff, great for you.  However, even though you claim that your opinions are not influenced by their generosity, I can’t believe that.  Behind every Blog is a human – and humans like to have money to spend.  If a Business comes along and makes it possible to earn money while sitting in a coffee shop typing your opinion, then “Bully for you”!

So, if, and it’s a huge IF, my little blog somehow earns attention in the future for some reason and I get catapulted into the “writing a blog for money” category, I will accept that opportunity.  But I won’t delude myself or you into thinking that my opinion is not affected by the money or product sent my way.

I realize we have made marketers go this route. We don’t (if we have any brains in our bodies) pay for cable or satellite.  Oops, I forgot, this is a blog originating from America…but, increasingly, we turn to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, etc for our entertainment.  They have to find other ways to sell us their product.  Because if I’m not told to buy this brand of over and over again on a blog, then how will I survive?

I’ve also noticed another trend with bloggers.  Blogging at some point is not enough. They move onto books.  Some are authors who use blogging as a platform to write really good books (I’ve read several).  Some are just bloggers who try to write a book (I’ve suffered through way too many…in e-book form…for a small fee).  If you are a student of their blog or even just a casual sometimes readers you will notice quite quickly that their “book” is just a compilation of blogs they have already written.  Sometimes they don’t even change the wording to make it at least sound like a new thought.

Who am I kidding?  I’m just envious.  I have good ideas.  I have a quick wit.  I can be profound at times.  Yet….my blog is stuck in the wasteland.  I suppose that’s my fault.  I could market it; shop it to advertisers; join affiliate programs; promote it ad nauseum on social networking sites.  But I won’t.

I write this because I talk to myself and that can be embarrassing.  With a blog, I can do that without causing raised eyebrows.

So, I’ll continue to read those 2-3 blogs I enjoy and dabble in others if they are worth my time.  Unfortunately, if the blog is held hostage by ads, I close it and move on with my day.

What blogs continue to hold my interest, the ones I eagerly read?

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