Bookshelf – What I’m currently cracking open every day…or most days

Date:  May 20, 2015

I thought about a Summer Reading List post. Ha! Like I would stick to that. So I decided to follow the format of one of my favorite blogs – Modern Mrs. Darcy – and tell you what I’m currently reading or getting ready to begin and also my book fails.

I recently listened to a webinar held by Sarah Mackenzie with Andrew Kern from The Circe Institute. He asked, rhetorically but profoundly, “Who says we have to finish one book before we start another? Why can’t we be reading several books at one time?” Hallelujah!!! Because, sometimes I feel like reading a weighty tome in order to feel smart, sometimes I want to read some good non-fiction to learn about things, sometimes I must re-read a book about education :), and sometimes I just want to read a perfectly wonderful novel (I won’t lie to you, this is most of the time). So, I have categorized my readings loosely below. I’ve also included the current Read-Alouds we are reading as a family.

Personal Education

The History of the Ancient World – Susan Wise Bauer

Yes, this is the big, meaty tome. I dislike abhor ancient history and Susan’s wry humor and sarcasm makes it marginally better. I admit I’m tackling this for two reasons: 1) We’re heading into Cycle 1 in Classical Conversations this coming year, and 2) I figure I should read this one before I read the next one, the one I’m really interested in: The History of the Medieval World.


The Core – Leigh Bortins

I have a commitment to read this every summer while my son is in the grammar stage of learning and as long as I’m tutoring Foundations.

Spiritual/Personal Enrichment

The Peacemaker – Ken Sande

I admit this is a tough one for me to get through, but I believe it’s necessary for me for too many reasons to name.  Plus, it’s highly recommended reading for anyone involved in Classical Conversations.  It’s their go-to resolving conflicts in relationships book.

Novels & Non-Fiction

Dead Wake – Erik Larson

This is a fantastic read! We are made up of stories. Erik Larson is excellent at telling our stories. Reads like a novel, but I’m learning history in the process. Win-win!

The Bird Artist – Howard Norman

As part of Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2015 Reading Challenge, I’m reading one of my daughter’s favorite books. I’m not too far into it yet, but I’m scheming to get a large chunk of time to devote to it.

Current Read Alouds

The Long Winter – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Blue Birds – Caroline Starr Rose

Ember – Jeanne DuPrau


The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

I actually read this book several months ago. I noticed when I signed up for our library’s audiobooks service that it was listed and I saw who the narrator was: Claire Corbett!! One of my all time favorite narrators. This is an excellent book or audiobook. the audio version is actually read by three different ladies, one for Rachel, one for Anna and one for Megan. Enthralling!

On the Horizon:

Better Than Before

The Office of Assertion

The Story of Science


Women Are Scary

The Question



The Conversation

Each year I try to do the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge.  Long about February when motivations is nowhere to be found, I fizzle.  Summer seems like the best time to try it.  So, maybe I should start it in the summer, like a Fiscal Year.  That sounds like an idea.  Stay tuned.

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