It’s Election Day!

Did you know this?  I knew it was coming, all the signs were there.  I’ve been seeing them for months.  This morning I thought about who I might cast my vote for (if I can find the time to be bothered) and the reasons, stated herewith:

1)  NOT voting for because I went to school with him and he was a jerk in high school.  Plus, the picture they decided to use on all his signs and billboards has done nothing to convince me has has changed.

2) MAY vote for because he shops at my husband’s clothing store.

3) MAY vote for because we sort of attend the same church and he seems like a decent guy.

4) NOT voting for because friends with whom I now find myself on the opposite side of many issues has his sign in their yard.  They are really nice people, but still…

I used to care about elections, even primaries because I believed all politics were local.  Now I don’t.  Local politics are just a stepping stone to the Big Leagues.  And because they are the way to the Big Leagues, they are not different – all spit and polish, no real leather.

I have become what I used to hate – an uninformed voter.  I didn’t vote in the last election because I was convinced that I shouldn’t because I was uninformed.  Living what I believed!  Feeling appropriately self-righteous!

Now, who’s to say that my reasons stated above are worse than any other reason?

So, go VOTE!

Or you can do something productive, like go to the Salon.