Angry Birds Card Game

Here’s the thing…I’m more interested in games that are authentic, not Disney Monopoly or Apples to Apples, Justin Bieber edition.  But, I did purchase an Angry Birds card game recently from the makers of UNO.

This is a good one.  It’s quick, fun, easy to understand (even for me) and has twists to make it interesting for all ages. 

There are dice, two kinds of cards, and a King Pig that once you get rid of your “castle” (those are what the lines of cards you see are called), you can flick a die at him from about two feet away and try to knock him over.  If you don’t get him, play continues until someone knocks him down. 

My son, and I (if I’m being honest), love the Angry Birds franchise.  Hats off to the group who dreamed this up and is making millions all over the world.  Gotta love capitalism!  This being said, I’m dubious of games such as this.  Usually they are strictly fluff, designed to part you with your hard earned money hoping that your child will want to play this actual game instead of sticking their heads into your smartphone or tablet hours on end.  However, this is different.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like Settlers of Catan, but there is a bit of logic and multi-level thinking involved in playing the game.  Knocking the King Pig with a die at the end is just icing on a little boys’ cake.

I got mine at Target for under $10, located in the section where you find Uno (duh!) and Dominoes.

Admission – He still beats me almost every time – and I’m not allowing him to win.