the beginning

This isn’t so much a beginning as an “if at first you don’t succeed; try, try again”.  I’ve tried different blogging platforms in the past, which will not be named, and it was just too hard to keep up with all the techy stuff.  I’m not a techy person.  One of my daughter’s friends had to tell me, through a text message, how to do ALL CAPS on my iPhone.  Working on the back end of a blog took too much time. Time I don’t want to spend.

A few things I want to spend my time on:

talking with my husband

laughing with my daughter

playing Legos with my son

drinking coffee

reading books, good ones; not twaddle

taking the risk of relationships (for me, this is BIG – so I’m sure I’ll write about that often)

being outside more

watching good TV (this means British TV, thanks Netflix!)

So, how far will this blog go?  Who knows? Will it make me a million dollars? um…no.  Will I get advertisers who send me cool stuff to try or on vacations? um…no.  Will it make me famous?  um…no.  Three for three. This is simply a place for me to be real.  Real about struggles and teeny tiny progress.

This is platform for me to share more than a status update, more than a tweet, more than a comment.  You don’t have to read it, just pretend you do.

Why whiteNoise?  Because there are a lot of blogs out there and mine is more white noise in this huge medium.  I fully understand and appreciate that there are much better blogs than mine…

…and those are the ones I read 🙂